Dark forest place of no stars

This wiki is all about the dark warriors who haunt the clan cats' dreams. They are ruthless, bloodthirsty, battle-hungry, ambitious, and will do anything to get vengeance on cats they hate. They kill without reason, they do not go by the rules of the warrior code, which they despise. These are warriors who have been rejected from Starclan when they die. They could be a rogue, or simply a clan cat who did not follow the code. Either way, these cats have preyed on the clans for so long. They trained living clan cats who felt left out, angry, or under treated. They trained them and earned their trust. In the final battle, a lot of the clan cats fought on the side of the dark-hearted warriors from the Place of No Stars, only a few of them who had loyalty to the Dark Forest, others because they were too scared to object.

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