The Last Hope Edit

In this book, the Great Battle happens, and many cats, alive and dead, lose their lives in it. In particular, Brokenstar, Hawkfrost, and Tigerstar. They have haunted the clans for moons and moons, wanting vengeance on many cats, and not stopping until they got it. Unfortunately they never got it, most of them killed by their own enemies. Hawkfrost was killed by his half-brother, Brambleclaw (Bramblestar) for a second time. Tigerstar was killed by Firestar, the cat he had preyed on for so long. In this book, many cats realized what had happened and fought on the side of the clans. This was not true for all cats though. Some actually believed and agreed with the Dark Forest warriors. They fought against the clans in the Great Battle. The main one was Breezepelt. His mother let him believe that he could do anything and she told him to not let anything get in his way. Breezepelt had also developed and inherited a hate for his father. This made him bloodthirsty and ambitious. He wanted vengeance on so many cats. His father, Crowfeather, his half brothers and sister, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf, whom he thought had captured more love from his father then he had, and finally Leafpool, for loving Crowfeather more than he could ever love Breezepelt. Also, in the thick of battle, the Ancients and Starclan, all of the cat's ancestors, came and helped the living cats battle the Dark Forest. Many lives were lost, and brave and noble Firestar saved the forest, and the prophecy from the first book, Into the Wild, became true again. Fire alone will save our clan. Firestar had just killed Tigerstar, when lightning struck a tree and it toppled right on top of Firestar, killing him ultimately. Water soon came to extinguish the fire, leaving a wet tree truck lying on top of their last hope.