Ivypool Edit

Place of no stars

Ivypool was the Dark Forest's spy from Thunderclan. At first, she was tricked, like a lot of her other clanmates, into thinking she was being trained just because the warriors wanted to help her, but she stopped when the three, Dovewing, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather, told her the truth. Her father, Birchfall, and her clanmates Mousewhisker and Blossomfall were also tricked. They were not spies, although they fought on the side of the clans when they realized what they had done. Ivypool also fought on the side of the clans throughout the whole battle. Ivypool was very well trusted by the senior warriors in the Place of No Stars. Even Mapleshade trusted her. She had killed a warrior named Antpelt from the clans, and when his spirit returned to the Dark Forest Ivypool had to kill him for the other warriors' trust. Hawkfrost trusted her the most and was angry at her when she turned against him. Ivypool would've died if it weren't for Hollyleaf, who sent Hawkfrost sprinting away, although he gave her a death blow. She died and Ivypool would never forget her sacrifice. Ivypool vowed never to be taken by her own selfishness again.