Blossomfall Edit

Dappled toirtiseshell cat green eyes mousewhisker dark forest

Blossomfall was the cat Ivypool worried the most about. How could such a nice cat be tricked into foolishness? Blossom did not know it, but she was changing a lot too. She became more arrogant, had more desire for vengeance, and almost came to the step of destruction. She really thought training in the Dark Forest with Ivypool, Birchfall, and Mousewhisker would be a good idea. She had never been more wrong. She thought she would leave eventually, and just have the knowledge of all the moves. She had no idea of the bloody battle in her future. Luckily, she realized just in time that the Place of No Stars were planning, and won the Great Battle. After this, she decided not to ever trust anyone unless they prove themselves first.